Usertribe – Customer Empowered Business

Who is Usertribe?
Usertribe™ is a 4 year old company which has already worked for 550+ companies, among many large Danish companies. We are 50 people in and around Usertribe™ on a daily basis and a use base of 10.000 people as our crowd.

Our Mission
Usertribe™ empower your business to realize and harness the power of your customers.
We call that Customer Empowered Business™

Our Vision
We are leaders in Customer Empowered Business™. We enable our clients to gain powerful, actionable customer insights. To shine light on the dark gap between customer’s actions, needs, wishes and wants and the products and services provided. For a seamless, troubleless world – that does better!

How we do it
Usertribe™ have a unique powerful crowdsourcing platform that in real-time can activate your customers, with your campaign tests, questions, ideas or real life products and service experiences.

In real-time we record your customers reactions, feedback and you can see what they really do. Supported by our industry business specialists – we deliver actionable business insights showing where business, communication, and products can be improved to better reach business goals.

You are very welcome to call us at +45 77 34 86 85 where we will be ready to answer all your questions.

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