Our solutions build upon the
Design Thinking Methodology

“Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”
– Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO







What you receive

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We deliver an actionable report full of customer insights based on thick data. The report highlights our methodology, main findings and supporting customer citations. Every citation is clickable and leads to a recording of the exact behavior of your customer.

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Get a high level overview plus a granular deep dive

Overall conclusions and answers to your initial business question
Customer quotes to underline findings and provide nuance
Video links to customer quotes for your convenience and contextual understanding
Area specific findings relating to each individual chapter of the study
Additional emerging findings and perspectives beyond the study’s core focus

How will customers respond to my idea?


Take a look into the future. Receive golden feedback from the people you are creating for. They will speak their minds as your idea unravels before them. And when you listen to your future customers, you are able to pilot in the right direction from day one.

How will customers react to my concept?


Get customer feedback on your concept before making a significant investment. A rough concept, sketch or mock up is more than enough to get real customer insights to validate and inform your journey going forward.

How do I make sure I'm building the right thing?


Avoid the risk of building in the wrong direction. Test your early versions and prototypes on those you intend to build for. Use their feedback to validate your hypotheses and refine your components.

How do I ensure my launch is successful?


Soft-launching with a small group of your target audience helps to ensure your full launch is successful. Get customer insights on a finalized product in order to identify blind-spots.

How do I improve my business?


Get real customer insights on your platform, webshop, app, product, service, or industry. This will unveil the challenges that your users are facing. These insights are used for conversion rate optimization and customer journey improvement.