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Why UserTribe?

End to End

One platform streamlining the workflow from creating, analysing, storing and sharing experience data and insights.

Ease of Work

Designed by specialists for specialists to make it easier and more efficient to build great insights.

Time to Insights

Accelerate time to insights by a 2 – 4 multiplier enabling you to scale the production of quality insights to meet the rising demand for customer empathy.

Business Impact

Great insights that are easy to share enable you to inform more decision-making with customer empathy to increase business impact.

The platform to great experiences

UserTribe is all about empathy! We help our clients understand their customers at a deeper level to consistently improve and deliver eminent customer experiences.

 But why do we believe empathy is so important to succeed as a business today? What is a nugget? And how does it enable you to understand your customers better?

One platform to cover all your needs

Study Builder

No matter your experience with user testing, the UserTribe platform can help you build the perfect study from task design templates to suggestions for improved question formulation.


With the UserTribe platform you are free to choose how you want to recruit participants. Tap into global panels of testers, recruit your own or build an exclusive panel for your business only.


Test any experience from digital prototypes to physical products with perfect video and audio capture on desktop and mobile.


Transform unstructured data to experience data at the blink of an eye by auto transcribing, auto tagging, sentiment and emotional analysis. All ready for you in searchable nuggets.


All your experience data and insights in one place. Create and share the right insights with the right people, at the right time, supported by showreels that showcase the customer experience. Make your insights matter!

Let us take you through the platform.

What our customers say


The Insights Hub on the UserTribe Platform is very important as a customer knowledge pool prolonging the value of our experience date by allowing me to search new topics and discover new ideas.

Balazs Horvath, Chief of Staff at Beema Insurance

With the Insights Hub, I am able to discover patterns across usability testing and interviews, and share insights more easily across my organization - resulting in stronger impact

Simona Avolio, Senior UX Specialist at VELUX

I have the freedom to work independently from anywhere, still without renouncing teamwork. Through the platform I can ask for advice and get immediate feedback on my work, it feels like being in an office surrounded by helpful colleagues!

Ambra Molinari, Customer Insights Specialist

The tools to accelerate every step in the user research workflow

Digital Library

One repository for all your experience data and insights.

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Data Upload

Produce and upload your own audio and video files for storing and analysis.

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Auto Transcription

Data is auto-transcribed in local language and listed according to your task design.

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Instant Translation

Translate +140 local languages to English at the touch of a button – ready for presentation.

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Sentiment Analysis

Quotes are automatically analysed for sentiment.

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Emotional Analysis

Discover the emotional patterns by emotional analysis of your observations.

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Auto Tagging

Quotes and observations from your analysis are automatically processed for topic tagging

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Search and Filter

Find the relevant data and insights or discover new by easy search and filtering.

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Create and Share

Communicate the relevant insights at the right time, at the right place, and in the right format.

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Request demo

Spend 30 mins with a specialist peer and let them demo the UserTribe platform so you can experience it for yourself. 

Request demo

Spend 30 mins with a specialist peer and let them demo the UserTribe platform so you can experience it for yourself. 

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