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UserTribe pours authentic customer input into any phase of your project
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We enable continuous customer involvement across the project life cycle.






Real people

No Artificial Intelligence. No algorithms. Real, living people from your target market who interact with your product as they would in real life.

Real behavior

Not just opinions. Our anthropologists look beyond what is said. We look into tone of voice, recorded actions, attitudes and other behavioral queues.


We are not an agency with opening hours. We are a service platform. Always on. Always ready to help you. We aim to deliver a finished customer involvement project within 48 hours from kick-off to presentation of results.


When we say end-to-end, we mean it. Tell us what you want to test in the market, and let us take care of recruiting, recording, analyzing and delivering the results.

Uncover Real Human Needs

When you have experienced the value of getting unfiltered, honest feedback from your customers, working without it feels like being blindfolded.

Lars PetersenBanco Santander
Real humans

I'm a tester for UserTribe

I am part of the UserTribe community. When new and relevant research studies are published on the platform, I get notified. With a cup of tea and a device in front of me, I begin the study by recording my screen and thinking aloud while walking through a flow of different messages and stimuli. When I’m done, I submit my recorded input, and continue my day.

Behavioral research

I'm a specialist for UserTribe

I work as a specialist for UserTribe. When video data on new research studies starts pouring in, it is my job to watch and highlight all material. I use my experience in behavioral research to identify patterns, core needs, attitudes and motivations within the target group, which I feel proud of delivering to UserTribe for quality control and presentation for the client.


We enable continuous customer involvement at any stage of the project life cycle.

UserTribe is one of the World’s leading platforms for customer involvement. The mega trend of customer centricity demands an easy-to-use, hassle-free customer involvement solution. Delivered within 48 hours.

Big data verifies or falsifies a simple hypothesis. But how do you ask the right questions? Thick data is what we provide. Deep insights into the why’s and how’s of your target audience.

In a world of data overload, we enable companies to silence out the noise and focus on core customer needs. We present your project to real people. Handling everything from task design and stimuli to recorded material and final analysis.

UserTribe enables you to take out the hassle of customer involvement. We take care of the hard part, so you can focus on value creation empowered by customer insights.


UserTribe offers a solution that fits with the phase you’re in. Customer insights are valuable from early idea to finalized product, and we have tailored our packages accordingly.

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