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About UserTribe

UserTribe is a leading Nordic tech company, headquartered in Copenhagen. We are one of the fastest growing customer experience platforms in the world with offices opening in London and New York.

We have created the framework of Customer Empowered Business™, and we believe that valuable and meaningful customer experiences make both people and businesses grow.

To help companies involve their customers, we have invented a unique platform that offers Customer Reality Checks from idea to launch.

We have digitized anthropology study and can, therefore, test the user experience with great speed. By doing this, we provide actionable data insights that companies use to navigate towards. The UserTribe method is an easy way, to work data-driven and agile as a customer centric business.

With UserTribe you will get access to both the software, a community and specialists like tech anthropologists, behavioral designers, ux specialist and more.

This means that you will receive answers from the experts – your customers – and advice from our specialist.

You can´t manage, what you can´t measure

Our CEB UserScore is a standardized measurement tool, that companies use to measure and benchmark their customer experience with.

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UserTribe A/S
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Phone: +45 7734 8685