We are a strong team of dedicated Tribers. Together, we are creating a world where people are at the heart of every innovation.

About UserTribe

UserTribe’s mission is to help organizations incorporate meaningful customer interaction into their daily workflows. We believe that customer centricity means more than a periodic survey or focus group. True customer centricity means staying connected to how your customers are feeling about and reacting to your brand, your product, and your industry on a continuous basis.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and were founded in 2013. We are a group of passionate, enthusiastic people excited about the opportunity to connect organizations and customers and help realize a truly customer-first work process.

At its core, UserTribe is here to enable organizations to enact continuous customer involvement across the project life cycle.

Real People

We work with a global network of real people – ready to interact with your idea, concept or product.

Real Behavior

All of our insights are derived from real human behavior, going a step further than opinions and survey responses.

Hassle Free

Our rapid delivery enables you to involve your customers on a regular basis throughout the project lifecycle.