How we help Apparel companies

How we help Apparel companies

Do you do managerial business decisions based on insights into real customer experiences?

By doing so you will improve your ability to better reach your goals. By getting to know your customers, you will learn:

  • Who buys your products?
  • Are they the segment that you want to focus on?
  • Are your intended customers and actual customers the same?
  • What do they wish to buy?

It all comes down to the identification of needs. It is crucial for business development, that you are aware of the divide between internal intentions and external interests. Creating a close connection to your customer segment allows you to comply with their needs and wants, and through continuous processes explore what kind of customer journey they would like to experience.

Customer involvement inspires and at the same time, provides input from real customers, that you can apply in all your business and e-commerce practices. This ensures the best experience for both your business and your customers.

How UserTribe can help you optimize your business

UserTribe is a consulting firm specialized in using customer involvement to discover potential. We assist you in integrating your customers’ experiences in managerial decisions, to empower you to make wiser, faster and more efficient business decisions – enabling you to better reach your goals and optimization potential.
By conducting behavioral analyses, we are able to determine best digital practices, and share them across your business. Only when your business is working with the same knowledge and goals across divisions, you will be able to utilize its’ full potential.

Our expertise within Apparel is broad, but more specifically, we can assist you within two main areas:

1. Turn visitors into customers

The costumer in your physical store might not be the same customer as the one that buys your products online. By exploring your customers ideal customer journey you will be able to better target your wholesale group and offer them the service, design and products, that will make them willing to buy no matter the setting. Through conducting behavioral analyses, we are able to determine what stops them in either your physical or online store, and thereby raise your conversion rate.

2. Making customers return

Our behavioral analyses are to ensure that the finished product will meet the expectations of your customers. Satisfied customers are loyal, and by prioritizing their needs and wants you will secure their loyalty to your brand. We assist you in integrating archetypes into your business structure, to ensure that your customers’ behavioral patterns will be a central key figure in your future business development. This also secures that divisions across the organization will work with a common starting point, creating the best possible foundation for your customers. By securing a customer empowered experience, you will safeguard their return.

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