Make development decisions with impact

Focus on the right improvements by identifying and prioritising the key drivers
of benchmarking such as competitive advantage,
market share and customer satisfaction.
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Track every data point that matters in your benchmarking study. We make it easy to see all your data over time so you know exactly where to focus your attention.
Competitor Benchmarking
Track & compare your solutions performance against your competition.
Best-in-class Benchmarking
Learn from the best & take that next big step in the innovation game.
Cross-border Benchmarking
Guarantee consistent high-performance across devices, markets & segments.
Performance in time Benchmarking
Measure the impact of a new product or feature releases on UX.

Compare your solution's performance to that of 1-2 competitors & learn how to win

Track and compare the performance of your competitors digital solutions to understand how you can win the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers. A competitor benchmarking will give you an in-depth end2end understanding of the customer experience with your digital solution providing you with concrete insights to improve or develop the features, messages, self-services that are of most value to your existing and potential customers.
Why is a Competition Benchmarking study of value to your business?
- Learn from competitors’ most successful practices/ideas
- Boost overall UX, customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
- Winback -or new market share
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Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe

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Minimise the risk of product failure through user feedback early on

Learn from the best - benchmark your solution vs 1-2 leading, innovative players
Looking for the next big leap to take your digital solution far ahead of the competition? Then benchmark your solution vs 1-2 leading players and get a whole backlog of future ideas to innovate and improve your own digital solution. Get a new perspective on the performance of your UX, the value of your features and benefits/downsides of your solution - learn how to become best in class.
Looking after all your digital touchpoints
Figure out where you perform in comparison to where you lag with input to rethink and change in order to be best in your class. Look into the solutions’ most (and least) attractive features, messages and aspects with recommendations on what to change or build.
Whys is a Best-in-class Benchmarking study of value to your business?
- Adopt best practices of most innovative/disruptive players
- Improve your customers’ satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
- Boost conversion (buying, signups) on digital touchpoint
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Ensure consistent results of your digital customer experience across devices, markets or segments

Make everything from conversions and sales to UX perform consistently high across devices, markets and segments with UserTribe. Discover where you underperform and learn how to fix it to ensure coherent strong results cross-border. Get feedback on everything from the structure of your solution to the ability to easily and intuitively navigate the solution will aid you in pinpointing major issues that require attention.
Why is a Crossborder study of value to your business?
- Ensure consistent high-performance experience across devices, market and segments
- Improve overall user satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
- Boost conversion on sales and/or sign-ups
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Stay one step ahead with advanced analytics

Track performance and impact of your digital investments. Gain in-depth, qualitative feedback tools to measure UX as well as to measure the impact of new releases or features on users. Enable backlog prioritisation with regular feedback from users on; the ease and speed of navigation and use, issues impacting overall UX and guidance on how to best fix them.
Why is a Performance in time Benchmarking study of value to your business?
- Measure impact of a new product or feature releases on UX
- Continuously improve the conversion rate on key digital flows
- Improve overall UX, user satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
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Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe

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