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Get Your Customers to Prioritize Your Backlog for You

Development teams have¬†developed (get it?) lots of ways to prioritize their product backlogs. Often with cute names: there’s HiPPO, MoSCoW, WSJF, Kano, and the “walking skeleton.” Product owners can prioritize their backlog based on corporate strategy, technical capabilities, cost analysis, or just personal preference.

When it comes to prioritization, the most important thing is to build something your users will value. Next time you start sorting/scoring/grouping/weighting your backlog, make sure your end user’s needs are accounted for.

At UserTribe, we’ve streamlined the process of collecting and analyzing user feedback at any stage of the development process. You don’t need to have a finished product, or even a full prototype, to start collecting user research. We have seen first-hand the benefits of having user-validated prioritization within a development pipeline.

Make sure you’re building the right thing for the right people from the beginning.