Though not the biggest mobile provider in Denmark, CBB stands out due to the quality of their service offering and their immediately recognizable brand image. CBB’s business organization is built lean to be able to respond quickly to customer demands. In an industry notable for its fierce competition, CBB is always looking for ways to differentiate their product, increase brand loyalty, and improve their overall user experience.

The Challenge

There aren’t many industries more competitive than the mobile services industry, especially in Denmark. To stand out requires not only a great service offering, but also a clear understanding of what customers expect and value.

“Customer centricity is absolutely crucial,” says Nikolaj Boserup, Head of Online & Marketing at CBB. “It’s not only part of our corporate strategy, it’s also a part of our department strategy, that we really do a lot to remind ourselves that we need to look at it from an outside in perspective. Not just say it, but actually do it and live it.”

CBB has employed a number of traditional techniques for collecting customer data. Their customer call center provides insights into the everyday customer experience, while their business intelligence department provides overarching customer insights. Within the marketing department, they continuously run focus groups, quantitative studies and use web and behavioral data to generate crucial insights. While the focus groups and quantitative data yield interesting and useful results, they also have hard limitations.

“If the focus group leader is not extremely professional or very good, they can influence the people a lot,” says Nikolaj. “There’s a limit to how many people you can have in a focus group, and the recruitment process and everything can also take a long time. Web data is also very useful, but it has limitations when we are looking for which customer needs go unfulfilled.”

Most significantly, the results of CBB’s research weren’t able to uncover the motivations behind people’s actions. “We do a lot of online testing, but a lot of the data we get is on behaviors,” Nikolaj explains. “It doesn’t explain what people didn’t do, or why they didn’t do it. Getting those insights is a top priority.”

“Everybody nowadays says they are customer centric. I don’t think everybody understands what that actually means.”

— Nikolaj Boserup, Head of Online & Marketing at CBB

“UserTribe helped us increase our level of customer centricity. For us, it’s a new way of working.”

— Nikolaj Boserup, Head of Online & Marketing at CBB

The Opportunity

One challenge CBB had was in communicating their value in language that resonated with their customers. Nikolaj recognized that there was a disconnect between their marketing messaging and what their customers actually valued. In general, the marketing department was looking for a way to differentiate CBB within such a highly saturated market.

Nikolaj decided to partner with UserTribe to discover what customers really value when it comes to mobile services. From within CBB’s target demographic, sourcing from both current and potential customers of CBB, we recruited twenty participants for a study. We used our think-aloud methodology to collect video and audio footage of each participant explaining what is important to them when choosing a mobile phone subscription.

The results of the study were a collection of stories and opinions detailing exactly what features people prioritized in a mobile provider and why. For example, “it became very apparent to us that network is important, but it’s not about the speed or the data or the coverage,” says Nikolaj. “It’s about what it does, what it enables. Though that’s a very intangible thing to communicate – it’s important.”

The Result

CBB’s goal is to represent themselves in a way that resonates with their customers online. Nikolaj and his team are using UserTribe’s customer insights to develop their current marketing platform, positioning and online platform. Ultimately, they hope to succeed not only by increasing sales, but especially by improving customer satisfaction and lowering churn. Nikolaj knows that will require an ongoing, active dedication to customer centricity.

“Everybody nowadays says they are customer centric,” says Nikolaj. “I don’t think everybody understands what that actually means. It’s so easy to get eaten up in internal politics and ways of working, you very quickly lose your sense of the actual customer out there.”

With the customer insights delivered by UserTribe, CBB has an extra competitive advantage in a very competitive industry. “UserTribe helped us increase our level of customer centricity,” says Nikolaj. “For us, it’s a new way of working.”

UserTribe can help you strengthen your connection to your customers.