The Big Move

Authored by Hannah El Koussy

It may seem like we have been a little dormant lately (on the blog side of things) which is partly true but in actual fact, a lot of activity has been bubbling under the surface here at UserTribe.

June was the month UserTribe upped and moved offices.

UserTribe’s new HQ: Kalvebod Bastion in the heart of Copenhagen.

I recently sat down with UserTribe’s Culture & Employee Lifestyle Manager to share with you the experience in our upscale.

Our Culture & Employee Lifestyle Manager (CEM for short) works in UserTribe’s Human Resources department and is the one that takes care of all us tribers on a daily. They shared with me their thoughts on the big move and how it’ll drive UserTribe forward, not only as a company but also as leaders in running a well-machined office.

The Timing

CEM: I think being a start up and having been in our different locations while growing, it was time to get our own building. Having just a small part of a building has been good, also for the amount of people of which we were but we’re moving into a stage where we’re going to be more and more employees. We’re growing quickly, and it’s very important that we get to do what we need to do. We needed to start planning ahead, including everything that is a UserTribe ‘signature’, like our friday bars and the way we do things around food, guests, employees makes this the perfect timing to make this move.

Too enthusiastic?

Also the location is super central, which is very important. The vibe around central Copenhagen and the energy that it gives lets us be pioneering in how we run offices.

Pioneering creative workspaces in Copenhagen

CEM: It represents another chapter or volume in the UserTribe journey — ever-evolving.

Where we demonstrate that we are a global leader in this area. To just have the freedom to use the space and not be confined, we can build it the way we want to — being able to think about things like yoga and meditation rooms and making creativity areas — the space makes it possible to do all of these things. We’re able to be more flexible in a work space.

A lot of different things that will be a big part of the employees’ lives, where we can bring our ambitions to the place so it makes us able to do the next thing in terms of the culture

Visualising the path ahead

CEM: I think it’s another kind of consistency, for a start up growing into a scale up. Its concrete, its fundamental — this is our HQ. We can see ourselves grow here for many years going forward which means you relate to the place and you can imagine things, which is a big part of building things as we progress, you can visualise it better. Whereas being in a smaller place and having to make quick fixes, like if we had more employees joining — it was more difficult to imagine ‘what’s the next step?’

People will remember us by this move, we’re not just another company sitting among other companies in an office — we are a location, a hub.