Product Development

UserTribe Update : October 2019

Authored by Hannah El Koussy

As we’ve officially said goodbye to summer and hello to autumn, we’ve been reflecting on our updates here at UserTribe.

And with a visionary mission to rid the world of bad experiences and enable you to involve your customers to become the driving force of business outcomes, we’ve been busy.

So despite the lack of warm weather, things have been heating up in the product cave and it’s resulted in a bunch of really cool and useful features being implemented. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve built and where our platform is heading in the next few months.

This round, we’re talking all about recruit!

We just launched a new release of our recruit platform with a lot of cool new features.

Whitelabel of screeners

One of the main aspect of building our platform is to have everything in one place. So now all our screeners are embedded on the UserTribe page – self-sufficient or what?

Study ID segmentation

As we run studies continuously, our recruit team is always on the lookout for the next potential participant that fits the particular bill for a study. Just like a library, our produc team has made our recruit teams life a little easier – they can now find and reach out to past participants they feel would be suitable candidates for the up and coming study.

Teamwork to make the dream work

Customer panels

Just like filtering out products to find your dream pants on your favourite e-commerce, our platform now does the same but with participants. We are able to group participants into custom panels for clients that require such an aspect.

Control questions

People lead busy lives and we know that.

We even know how lucky we are to have people wanting to use their time to help us better the world and rid it of bad experiences. Taking people’s time into consideration, we now give three options to our participants to engage in the study; participate now, participate later or book a time for a personal interview.

Automatic emails to participants

Automation is everywhere nowadays and we are no exception to the case. Once our participants have submitted the recruit screen, they receive an email in their inbox that will guide them to the study or booking link.


And now for the juicy stuff… 😏

Study audiences & audience segments

We can now define screener criteria diretly in the recruit platform and automatically drive certain groups of participants into different capture flows 🕺

👉 Study audiences

The overall audience that qualifies to participate in the study based in the recruit criteria.

👉 Audience segments

Is the sub-group of the study audience based on a 1x audience criteria or 1x segment criteria

That’s it for now, folks, stay tuned for more