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UserTribe Update: September 2019 Product Announcement

Authored by Hannah El Koussy

Despite the distractions of summer and the weather turning for the worse, we’ve had a productive few months with an exciting beginning to September. Here’s a roundup of the latest feature we’ve released as well as important product updates and tweaks worth knowing about.

Capture Tool 2.0 – a success

A few months ago, we set out on the journey to build our very own platform and here’s our first broadcast of how we’re doing.

We successfully rolled out our Capture Tool 2.0 that supports face capture.

Face capture is just one of the several new features and improvements our product team set to develop in the Capture Tool 2.0. 

So fast forward to today and we’re happy to announce that not only is this feature live but it will grow, the more we get in contact with the participants we recruit for studies.

So what’s new in this tool?

  • Face capture 🎥😄
  • Improved UX for participants, which basically means fewers screens and clicks from the start of a session to the end of one.
  • Secure, robust and fast upload process – cutting out all the technical dilly-dallying.
  • Server side video processing
  • Many other stability improvements and bug fixes

Emotional sentiment analysis –

a prototype

Face capture enables us to record the smiles, expressions and reactions of our participants while they participate. Therefore, our product team is already working on a prototype that can generate an emotional sentiment analysis based on the video recordings we gather – essentially, we are creating a library of emotional responses to easily manage the insights.

There’s no rest for the wicked(-ly energetic product team here at UserTribe).

Ciao Ciao (for now)

That’s it for now. We hope you like what we’re doing!

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