Customer Centricity

UserTribe X The Customer Centric Platform Project

Authored by Hannah El Koussy

Our Belief

UserTribe has long believed in the idea that businesses need to integrate their customers centrally into all their decision-making processes in order to create the best experience for their customers and themselves. 

And that is just what we’ve been doing all along. We are our own customer. UserTribe is on a mission to create a revolutionary customer centric platform, allowing companies to tap into customer insights at every step of the project lifecycle whenever they need it.

The product team here at UserTribe has been developing a platform based on our very own ideology.

Reaping what we sow

Customer centricity is hard and customers are usually an overlooked part of the project life cycle. We believe we have an obligation to include our customers because that is why we’re here – to bridge the gap between consumers and producers. 

That being the case, we’ve decided to reap what we sow once again – putting our customers at the center, integrating them into the process that will revolutionise our product. We can’t be a company that has an ethos of bringing customer centricity to others without doing the same internally. Oh no, that would be a tad hypocritical so we have decided to take a spoonful of our own medicine and involve our customers as we usually do.

Product & Development unite

A product team was formed to create a framework for the new platform – bringing in Lab08 for the technical aspects of the development process working in collaboration with the product team. The principle value being that during the development of the platform, the team is in constant feedback loops with the clients.

In short, they need to optimise all the touch-points of the platform that will work with our stakeholders. So; to make it easy for testers to complete the test, make it easy for specialists to find and work with material and to make it easy for clients to get access to insights.

All of the above needs to be done whilst making sure it accommodates all the technical possibilities available on the market now.

It kicked off with a workshop between both teams, where they had to match expectations with the technical possibilities of the UserTribe vision for the final platform to create a better product.

A trip to Sofia ensued

Speaking to the head of our product team about why they were headed to Bulgaria, they said: We consistently want to improve the delivery and value of the UserTribe product – to develop the next generation of our platform. And so the next step was to fly to Sofia and work through the kinks with the development team there.

This isn’t the end

A quickfire roundup of the platform project so far

The goal is to develop a platform:

  • Where clients can easily access all the results – from reports to transcripts
  • Where testers can easily submit their feedback and get paid
  • Where specialists can access the necessary data and submit reports

It could be argued that the platform we’re developing here at UserTribe is a sort of hub, a beehive if we’re taking the metaphorical route – where everyone collaborates and is involved in the process in order to progress.