A solution that fuels the process of building. Customer empowered specs and prototyping allows for quick and lean iterations.

Avoid the risk of building in the wrong direction. Test your build on those you intent to build for. Use their feedback to validate your hypotheses and refine your components. Before writing a single line of code.



Specs lets you experience what users love and miss in existing products and services. These insights make it possible for you to build towards better solutions and identify blind spots in competitors’ solutions.


Test your prototype with real people to take it in the right direction. We set up your sketches in Invision to make the experience real to the testers. Use their insights to develop designs and functionality before launch.


Test the beta version of your product. Experience how real people interact with it - and how it works in the hand of actual customers. Use feedback to improve on your final product and launch a better solution into the market.


Build allows you to move fast and efficiently
Identify blind spots

Use feedback on existing solutions to create the perfect spec sheet.
Pivot prototype

It is not too late to influence what you are building based on customer needs.
Fine-tune Specs

Improve your spec sheet by setting up a prototype in InVision and test it with customers.
Clear focus

Observe how your users interact with your product and get smarter with your build.

Access to the video material of testers is very valuable. We use the videoes to strengthen our arguments on why to make specific changes.

Marianne GotfredsenUser Experience Designer, FDM Travel
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Consumer Mindset

Uncover Real Human Needs

In the build phase, it is crucial to build in the right direction. It is easy to get carried away in functionalities and shiny buttons. But what do your customers want and need? That is what customer involvement in the build phase can uncover. Even though you don’t have a finished solution, it is possible and easy to conduct a complete test of what you intend to built. We use what you have and set everything else up for you – and deliver a complete report in just 48 hours. 


Our customers' understanding often differs from our own. Therefore, we test and adjust our beta versions continuously to harvest low-hanging fruit.

Christina NyegaardSenior Marketing Strategist, PFA Pension
Real people

We let your Customers do the Talking

You are too good at what you do – too far into the technicalities and expert knowledge of your field. This makes it hard to objectively assess your build. What you need is real customers, who will show you the blind spots of what you and competing services are offering to the market. UserTribe sets everything up and delivers a complete report and all customer responses to you.

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Building something soon?

Validate with customers. We help you get started.