Customer Empowered BUILD

Build turbo charges your product development. Involving customers in your build allows for quick and lean iterations.

Avoid the risk of building in the wrong direction. Test your build on those you intent to build for. Use their feedback to validate your hypotheses and refine your components.

Benefits of conceptualizing with customers

Use feedback on existing solutions to identify blind spots and create the perfect spec sheet.
It’s never too late to pivot your prototype and influence what you are building based on customer needs.
Fine-tune you spec sheet by setting up a prototype in e.g. InVision and invite your customers in.
Anchor your core concept in real customer needs and build on top.
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Leading mobile payment in the Nordics

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The Challenge

MobilePay wants to iterate on their already successful solution. The goal is to create a simpler, more intuitive experience.

Our Approach

We set up a flow test where existing and new customers were asked to complete a series of task. Within a few days, we had a clear result ready for implementation.

The Result

By seeing and experiencing MobilePay through the eyes of their customers, the team was able to remove confusing icons, clean up mixed messaging and fix some identified bugs – resulting in a more complete solution for the customer.

Involve your customers

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