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Twill, a Maersk brand, is a company focused on facilitating logistics for small and medium sized businesses. Their goal is to create the simplest, easiest and most intuitive shipping experience in the industry. To fulfil this mission, Twill partnered up with UserTribe to infuse their development with customer insights and ensure a far superior logistics experience with a relentless focus on increasing customer value.

❝  How do we make the experience of booking cargo as easy as booking an airline ticket, a taxi or a hotel? ❞

Troels Randbøll, CEO at Twill

Business Objective

Twill and UserTribe immediately gravitated towards the same goal – making the experience of booking cargo as easy as booking a flight ticket. Twill concluded that smaller businesses rarely have internal capabilities for shipping, no dedicated department, nor educated staff – and most often just one person handling this task.

Intuitively, this gives rise to the need for a hassle-free self-service platform that can easily facilitate shipping and logistics needs, without the need for extensive experience in the area. In effect, this meant that Twill had to create a whole new digital system for booking shipping – transforming the entire experience.

In consequence, Twill had to gain deep insights into the core needs of their customers, their experience working with Twill’s current platform at the time as well as recurring customer input into the development of a new, specifically tailored booking flow – allowing them to create the most intuitive and simple platform for shipping.

Hence the development was done as an iterative process with their core customers throughout the development process. Customers were defined as B2B professionals responsible for shipping in smaller SME’s.




In essence, 3 different aspects would combine to create the perfect booking experience for Twill – Identifying their customers’ core needs, how well these are served by Twills current offering as well as developing a new, more intuitive booking flow.

Twill knew that it was paramount to include the voice of their customers in every step of the development process, and as such UserTribe began by conducting two studies on the core needs of the customers in the specific niche segment of shipping professionals in small SME’s around the world.

By extension, Twill gained insights concerning what pains, frustrations and joys their customers felt in their daily tasks, as well as their dreams and hopes of what would make up the best experience possible. In combination with examining Twill’s current booking flow and identifying how well their current solution matches their customers’ expectations, needs and shipping abilities, Twill could start building the booking flow of the future.

Over four different iterations from early-stage prototype to launch, UserTribe tested Twills prototypes to constantly refine their offering, making the booking flow as sharp as possible.

Design thinking as a methodology

Throughout the entire development process, Twill executed on 7 customer iterations starting from evaluating the existing booking flow before moving onto innovating the new solution – iterating and testing all the way from concepts to prototypes to secure a successful launch. Utilising design thinking as a methodology to create bulletproof a customer experience.


Innovate to grow


Build to win


Launch with success


Optimise & rethink



Twill has managed to consistently experience month-to-month volume growth by constantly developing solutions in close collaboration with customers and aims to connect 100,000 SME’s to international trade by 2025.

By integrating real human insights from their customers iteratively in the development process, Twill managed to get a head start on realising their mission to make booking shipping as easy as booking a flight ticket.

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