Berendsen involves customers across 5 markets

UserTribe has performed several behavioral customer sessions with Berendsen’s customers in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to test a prototype of a customer portal in the making. The results have been built into an updated prototype that is currently being tested.

“Instead of having all the internal discussions of what the customer wants – we just involve the customers.”


Europe’s leading textile, hygiene and safety provider, Berendsen, is currently building a customer portal to cover all of their 16 markets and 6 business lines.


The new portal will cover a broad range of target groups in regards to job titles, business lines and markets. To make sure that they launch and deliver the right solution for the market and their customers, Berendsen sought out UserTribe to find challenges and opportunities in a prototype of the new portal.


After setting up a business case and KPIs, UserTribe created task designs and conducted behavioral customer sessions in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Findings from the 25 think aloud-tests were processed by our customer insight specialists and gathered in a report together with advice for future actions.


The behavioral insights and action points have been built into an updated prototype of the portal that UserTribe is currently re-testing with Berendsen’s customers. Berendsen now knows that they are on track with delivering the right value for their customers. Additionally, the tests also delivered some general insight into what customers think about Berendsen and their services. Most importantly, though, the behavioral customer insights kill internal discussions and personal opinions. Instead of wasting time on discussing what the customer needs, the textile provider will from now on simply involve the customers. This frees up a big amount of internal process time and makes the decision-making process faster and more efficient.

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