The VELUX Group ensures customer satisfaction

UserTribe has conducted a total of 55 behavioral customer sessions with The VELUX Group’s customers in the UK, Germany, Denmark, and France to examine the performance of its current Blind Shop and estimate customer satisfaction.


The VELUX Group is specialized in roof windows and skylights and has sales companies in more than 40 different countries and manufacturing companies in 10. In addition to this, VELUX offers a range of sun screening solutions, roller shutters, blinds and more.


The VELUX Group covers a wide range of customers: installers, dealers, specifiers, architects, and end-users. The ambition is to give every customer a seamless customer journey – enabling them to find the information they are looking for and to perform their main tasks, e.g. buying the right product for the right purposes.


After setting the KPIs for the Blind Shop; fast, efficient, and with the best user-satisfaction possible, and an in-depth brief from The VELUX Group, UserTribe made task designs and conducted behavioral customer sessions in 4 different markets: the UK, Germany, Denmark and France. The findings from the 55 ‘think out loud’ tests were later processed by our customer insight specialists and assembled into a report that would function as a tool for future actions.


Behavioral customer insights are going to be used in the development of the VELUX Blind Shops to create a seamless buying experience. Findings concluded that customers were, in general, satisfied with the VELUX Blind shop – but it did have optimization points that needed to improve to guarantee a more coherent customer journey. The VELUX Group is now looking into how to implement changes to reach its KPIs of being fast, efficient, and offering the best user-satisfaction possible.

Furthermore, The VELUX Group today uses the findings to pinpoint KPIs going forward, to ensure measuring the right values, observing the best possible scenarios and asking the most important questions.

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