Customer Empowered CONCEPT

Concept strengthens projects in the making. Sharpen your concept with authentic customer input.

You are getting closer to your goals every time you involve your customers. Get knowledge about your concepts from the eyes of your customers before you invest further. Know exactly what they want and why.

Benefits of conceptualizing with customers

Use customer feedback to increase your decision power and certainty.
Early customer validation of working in the right direction.
Inform your concept with new layers based on customer ideas and reactions.
Anchor your core concept in real customer needs and build on top.

World’s most beloved toys

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The Challenge

Lego wants to link the physical and digital world of play, but needs knowledge on where, when and how children combine the two universes.

Our Approach

We set up a research study involving kids and parents with Lego experience. Their reactions on the early digital concept made it clear what to leave out and develop further.

The Result

Lego has successfully interlinked their physical universe of toys with their digital concepts e.g. on Youtube. The concept has grown extremely popular and extends the boundaries of what Lego is today.

Involve your customers

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