Anticipate your customers’ next move with the Customer Pulse

Introducing UserTribe Customer Pulse, the first tracking product using behavioural science as a service to continuously deliver your business a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviour as they adapt to the next normal.
The UserTribe Customer Pulse is designed to literally keep a finger on the pulse of your customers in order to monitor and understand the developments in core needs, preferences and pain points.
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Keep constant track of your customers' behaviour

Core needs

How are your customers' needs and preferences changing in relation to financial services, savings, pension schemes and investments? And how about their online vs. offline preferences and receptiveness.

Buying criteria

Are your value propositions aligned to the changes in your customers buying criteria and what do they value the most in these uncertain times that lie ahead?

Threats & Opportunities

Are consumers changing behaviour a threat to your core product and services or does the changes provide new business opportunities? Get the insights necessary to steer clear of any dangers or head straight for the opportunities.

What is the Customer Pulse product?

The Customer Pulse tracks the changing behaviour of your customers to provide management with the necessary insights and customer understanding to make the right business decisions.

Invite customers to your management meeting

A Customer Pulse report is delivered biweekly in the form of a customer briefing that contains the primary findings including video highlights from customer interviews. The report is designed for management meetings to fuel decision-making and initiate actions.

Behavioral Science as a service to make the right decision

UserTribe will use our proven methodology to recruit, interview, analyse and report the changes in your customers’ behaviour. This allows you to solemnly focus on using the insights to make the right decisions for your business.

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Perfect for companies who want their critical decision-making to be informed by a human understanding of their customers.
  • Biweekly video reporting with key insights and selected video highlights with customer to enable human understanding
  • Proven Behavioral Science Methodology to unveil customer behaviour change
  • Tracking of one market with one target audience
  • Digital access to all customer interviews and insights to search, share and brief your organisation on development in customer behaviour
  • Opportunity to have a monthly 30 minute briefings by Senior Consultant
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Frequently asked questions

How do you conduct interviews?
We never do traditional surveys; all of our interviews are done with video, giving room for a more qualitative approach.
Which markets can you service?
We are a global company and can find and interview customers all over planet Earth.
How can I access the interviews?
You have access to all customer interviews by logging in to our "Insights Hub", where you can easily find relevant nuggets using our AI-powered tagging of sentiment and topic.
Can't we just do this ourselves?
We believe, right now, companies and producers should use all their time on calibrating their products and services with their customers. They shouldn't use precious time to build a global high-quality service that's capable of delivering at a low cost. As Google Analytics is for website optimisation, UserTribe's Customer Pulse is for understanding and optimising your customers' experience.
What will I receive every two weeks?
Biweekly, we deliver a Customer Pulse Report in the form of a 10 minute video that includes executive summary slides with insights and video quotes from customers. Perfect for starting an insights-driven discussion with your management team.
What are typical actions taken from these interviews?
We have seen clients adapt pricing immediately after understanding changing needs. We have also seen marketing campaigns, branding, and other go-to-market tactics change in almost realtime compared to traditional methods.

We know what we're doing

In these turbulent times, you need someone you can trust. We hope to earn your trust through our experience in understanding customers.

Behavioural specialists employed by us from all over the world
Customer sessions conducted
Markets and nationalities involved in our studies

Usually we would get the answers we were looking for. And that’s not always a good sign [..] We could actually see what the customers were saying. That’s very important and very different from what we had before.

Jonas WormStrategic Director, Danfoss

In times like these following the behavior of your customers will separate the winners from the losers.

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By Gregers Mikklesen, CMO UserTribe