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Are you also in doubt as to how a structured and active approach to customer empowerment will create value to your company? Then you are not the only one. Therefore we have developed a new product “Customer Value Mapping” in which we use our extensive knowledge from working with leading partners to analyse and identify the projects and processes where a structured approach to customer involvement will create highest business value.
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What will I get out of this?

Customer Involvement Framework

Based on our experience with customer empowered business processes we assess your business challenges and customer value mapping and suggest a new and concrete involvement framework to co-create with your customers throughout your processes and projects.

Business Case Perspective

With more than 900+ business cases developed with our trusted partners, we calculate the potential of involving customers in your critical processes and projects to provide you with a strong Business Case Perspective.

What's the process?


Identify Business Challenges

Through a 2 hour workshop with 3-4 key stakeholders or 30 mins personal interview we gain the necessary input in order to identify the key business challenges, opportunities and processes in your business.

Develop Customer Value Mapping

Based on your business challenges and processes we develop our Customer Value Maps in which we identify when, where and how your business can benefit from a structured approach to customer involvement.

Develop Business Case

We turn your business challenges and suggested approach for customer involvement into value by using our 900+ cases to develop a business case perspective.

Present Customer Value Map Report

1 hour meeting with presentation of business challenges, customer value mapping and business case perspective incl. relevant cases.


19.750 DKK

Normal price 39.500 DKK
Book before 15/03/2020 to save 50%
No cure no pay. We are certain that you will experience a lot of value when we deliver our recommendations, but in the case you are not we always guarantee a no cure no pay.

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Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe
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