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What is UserTribe?
Want to know more about what we do at UserTribe? See how we use human insights to provide you with valuable information that can improve the development of your company and the product lifecycle. By taking the human perspective into account, we ensure precious experiences and add value to the processes that define your company.
UserTribe - the Product Perspective
UserTribe realizes the experiences brought from customer insights by providing an end-to-end platform that evaluates and adds depth to each study whilst reducing the time to achieve insights. From unstructured to structured data, you are able to search for specific nuggets of information.
UserTribe - the Value Perspective
The problem with gathering insights is that it can be time-consuming to structure and organize information, but with UserTribe's platform you are able to get condense data that is easy to digest and adds value to future decision-making.
UserTribe - the Customer Value Perspective
UserTribe uses human insights to add value to experiences - bringing organizations to life with emotions and building relationships with consumers.
Sunrise - a leading agency in the nordics takes advantage of the UserTribe Platform.
To an agency advising clients on marketing and digital strategy customer understanding is key. See how Sunrise has taken advantage of the UserTribe platform and integrated human insights from their clients' customers in their way of working.
Could your customer experience data do more?
Where's your customer experience data when you need it?
Is your customer experience data lost?
What is the UserTribe Insights Hub?
The Insights Hub empowers you, your team, and your entire organisation with human insights.
An introduction to UserTribe
Watch UserTribe CEO, Casper Henningsen, explain what UserTribe is all about.
UserTribe for Consultancies: Qvartz Case
UserTribe for consultancies
UserTribe is pioneering a new way of integrating customers into your consultancy’s work processes. Our next gen platform helps you increase knowledge, improve decision-making, and compete against the best.
Customer Story: Danfoss

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