Remote testing can still deliver the insights you need in these times

Why human remote testing?

Are you cancelling physical customer feedback sessions due to COVID-19? Is your digital, marketing or product development on hold due to a lack of customer insights? Get back to business with human remote testing.

In these troubled times with COVID-19 continuing to spread and closing down all physical contact and research around the globe, remote testing offers a unique opportunity to prove its big value and answer the question of “how do we get back to business?”

In this short blog, I give five reasons why remote testing can be a big problem solver.


Test anywhere, anytime

Our platform and software are founded and built for human remote testing, which means that we have become experts in recruiting and conducting tests with participants from all over the world. Our recruit team handles all kinds of participant target groups from shipping brokers in Brazil to Chinese consumers to ensure human insights can always be available to inform your business decisions.


Remote testing can deliver deep human insights

By utilising the video format for remote testing, we are able to deliver deep human insights at a much more detailed level than the traditional focus group or 1-1 interview. People express themselves using all their senses and in context. And in order to fully understand the customer and create valid human insights, UserTribe’s software utilises rich video-format to capture and analyse all sensory reactions from sentiment to facial expression. In combination with human specialists powered by AI to reveal data patterns, human understanding is finally available to business professionals.


Test everything from a physical prototype to the UX of your service app

Remote testing is not only limited to digital testing but can greatly accommodate tests of prototypes or the unboxing experience of a product. Furthermore, the test environment for participants is often much more natural with remote testing which results in a much more credible interaction and dialogue to extract insights from.


Remote testing is often cheaper

Do what you do best, and let others take care of the rest. This is also very much true when it comes to testing. Instead of spending your internal resources on recruiting participants across the globe, developing methodology, setting up interviews and spending time and money travelling to conduct the interviews – remote testing is always the faster and cheaper solution.


Democratise and humanise insights to create a bigger impact

By taking advantage of the video format in human remote testing, we help you democratise and humanise your insights, making a stronger impact across your organisation. Insights based on customer video are much richer and easier to understand at all levels in your organisations, thereby creating a format that your employees can act upon. And by digitalising the format, you’re able to share your insights and make them available to your business, in doing so democratising access to the customer.


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By Gregers Mikkelsen,
Chief Marketing Officer

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