QVARTZ pursuing their customers and winning new business

How do you win over new business?


QVARTZ needed to secure new business and show they were the best consulting firm for the job. The company knew that in order to win their presentation pitch, they needed to show the benefits of customer involvement. With the aid of UserTribe, QVARTZ carefully listened to their clients and matched their teams to their needs.


Business Objective


Competing against globally-recognised consulting firms, QVARTZ was pitching to win a new large international client. The scale of the job required some creative thinking due to the mixed geographies and languages. QVARTZ questioned how they could impress the customer and show that these obstacles weren’t an issue. Enter UserTribe.




Through UserTribe’s findings, QVARTZ was able to use the information provided to build their own results for the pitch presentation. The insights provided by UserTribe enabled QVARTZ to bring customer feedback and knowledge efficiently into project settings within any industry across the world.




The result was simple: QVARTZ won the job with the support of UserTribe. Based on the success of this project, the company sees that there is an ongoing opportunity for UserTribe to fill a crucial role in QVARTZ’s work processes.

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