Sydbank customer loyalty programme

How do you optimise to retain customer loyalty?

Sydbank worked with Customer Empowered Marketing when developing the bank’s new customer loyalty programme ’Sydbank Favorit’. Sydbank was developing the loyalty programme ’Sydbank Favorit’ when they contacted UserTribe. Depending on their level of financial engagements with Sydbank, the online programme enables customers to choose various rewards.

Business Objective

In order to make sure that the system would be well received and easy to use, Sydbank decided to include customers before launching the programme. The target was to make sure that customers understood the loyalty programme and were interested in using it.


Sydbank included customers repeatedly. Based on the findings from the first round of sessions several adjustments were made. After the implementation of these changes, customers were again included. This way Sydbank ensured that there were no more inconveniences before the programme launched.


Thanks to real customer insights, Sydbank has had great success in launching its new customer loyalty programme. Almost half of the bank’s customers went through ’Sydbank Favorit’ – and almost 90% of those agreed to be contacted by the bank. This meant a lot of new leads for the marketing department. Furthermore, ’Sydbank Favorit’ was nominated for a Danish Digital Award.

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