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What does UserTribe do?

The UserTribe platform enables video-based testing with real customers all over the world combined with anthropological analysis enhanced by AI and machine learning. The result is deep human insights that empower businesses to make great customer experiences. We have developed a structured approach that facilitates this through designing the study, recruiting the participants, capturing their input, analysing the data and delivering a synthesised report with the key findings – along with a fully tagged video library that you can access any time, anywhere.

Who is UserTribe for?

UserTribe is for anyone who wants to excel at customer-centricity. Whether you work with UX/UI, Marketing, branding, Product development, E-Commerce or something else entirely, every business can be empowered through their customers.

What can you test through remote video-based testing?

UsertTribe is able to test nearly anything through remote testing. It could be everything from Digital, Marketing or Product CX to something else entirely, UserTribe is up for it.

How many testers do I need?

How many testers you need depends on the specific study. However, we have a rule of thumb that you need to include at least 5 customers in order to get a regional or local indication of your customers’ needs, expectations or frustrations. To move from an indication to a clearer pattern, we recommend 10 or more customers.

Who are the testers?

This depends entirely on the study that you want to conduct. The UserTribe Platforms recruitment system is able to identify and recruit any target group in any market around the world.

Can I use my own customers as testers?

Yes, UserTribe is able to recruit any target group in any market around the world, including your customers.

Do you have testers all over the world?

UserTribe is able to identify and recruit any target group in any market around the world, and we have currently conducted 32,960 customer sessions with 76 markets and nationalities around the world, with many more to come.

How are the testers recruited?

The Tribe currently consist of 49.472 number of testers, on which we have extensive information in order to segment based on the relevance to the study. In case the target group falls outside the bounds of our Tribe we will identify and recruit them through our dedicated recruitment team.


When can I expect the results?

Our full-service platform is able to produce a fully customised user insights report in as little as 48 hours from business question to impact. That means no more project delays and no more guesswork.

What is the price?

The price depends on the number of customers and markets you should involve to get the necessary human insights you need to answer your business questions. Discover the full potential of human insights to your business with a free demo of our platform and a pricing estimate.

My business is B2B – is it still possible to find B2B testers?

Yes, many of UserTribe’s clients are B2B business that continuously pushes the boundaries for delivering great customer experiences in B2B.

My target group is very niche – is it still possible to find testers?

Recruiting niche target groups is something that we in UserTribe pride ourselves upon. We’re able to identify and recruit any target group in any market around the world.

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