How we help Governments & NGOs

How we help Governments & NGOs

Across your organization: Do you have a process where you integrate and secure best practices?

If not, maybe you are losing valuable insight and experience that could help you optimize your Government or NGO. When internal processes are not coordinated or structured properly, it is often visible in the external communication to the members and citizens – such as digital services. This leaves them less able to find the answers that they are looking for.

The synergy of internal and external communication in an organization is important for utilizing potential. If you focus on centralizing members and citizens in your Government or NGO, you will be able to adjust your services so they comply with their needs. Still, centralizing members and citizens start from within the organization itself – therefore, you will not be exploiting your full potential if valuable knowledge and learnings in your Government or NGO are not shared across divisions.

How UserTribeTM can assist your government or NGO

UserTribeTM can assist you in uncovering optimization possibilities both externally and internally in your Government or NGO.

  • Internally our specialists integrate and secure your learnings across your organization through executive briefings, workshops and roadshows.
  • Externally we conduct behavioral analyses that enables us to determine which sections cause your members or citizens trouble and assist you into preventing them.

By having an external interpretation of your Government or NGO you minimize the risk of influencing data with your own interpretations. This will let your organization create user-centered services that meet members’ and citizens’ needs, and give them the answers to the questions that they might be asking.

When you are securing the implementation of your learnings and best practices across your Government or NGO, you minimize the number of failed projects. By developing the right projects at the initial stage of progress, you allow yourself to save both time and money.

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