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How Automated Recruitment Processes Reduce Time-to-insight

Feedback from our customers tells us that the time to produce a user study has been a major pain-point for creating great customer experiences with customer research. No longer is this a problem.

With automated recruitment processes, participant recruitment that targets the right participants has now become faster and easier than ever. You can now build and carry-out an entire user study from beginning to end, allowing you to scale your insights and reduce the time it takes to produce customer insights.

How automated screener questions make it easy to reach the right participants

So, you have decided what questions you want to answer in your study and who your target group is. But how do you make sure you ask your research questions to the right participants?

CX platforms, like the UserTribe platform, with automated screener questions enable you to pinpoint the right participants for your study. The automatically generated questions make it easy to filter your audience, so you can be sure to quickly target the right participants. There is also the flexibility to manually write your own screener questions if the automated questions don’t exactly hit your target group.

Reduce your time-to-insights with easy participant recruitment

Once you have the right screener questions in place, you can use the UserTribe platform to rapidly recruit participants through two easy methods:

1. You can automatically share a study link with members of your community. This method allows you to automatically share a link to your study with members in networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Participants are then filtered once they click on the link and answer the screener questions.

2. You can recruit participants through a specialist. The second method puts you in direct contact with a recruitment specialist who has access to a global participant panel to quickly find hard-to-reach participants.

Both recruitment methods enable you to reach the right participants for your study.  By making it hassle-free to target the right participants, you can now conduct customer research without having to worry about recruitment. Automated recruitment processes reduce the time it takes to complete your study, and at the same time you can be confident that your insights are valid.

If you have questions regarding participant recruitment for your study, you are always welcome to reach out to us, where a specialist can help you reach the most challenging to find participants.

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