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There aren’t many industries more competitive than the mobile services industry, especially in Denmark. To stand out requires not only a great service offering, but also a clear understanding of what customers expect and value.
One challenge CBB had was in communicating their value in language that resonated with their customers. The company recognised that there was a disconnect between their marketing messaging and what its customers actually valued. In general, the marketing department was looking for a way to differentiate CBB within such a highly saturated market.
CBB decided to partner with UserTribe to discover what customers really valued when it came to mobile services. From within CBB’s target demographic, sourcing from both current and potential customers of CBB, we recruited twenty participants for a study. We used our think-aloud methodology to collect video and audio footage of each participant explaining what is important to them when choosing a mobile phone subscription.
CBB’s goal was to represent themselves in a way that resonated with their customers online. Their marketing team are using UserTribe’s customer insights to develop their current marketing platform, positioning and online platform. Ultimately, they hope to succeed not only by increasing sales, but especially by improving customer satisfaction and lowering churn.
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