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How to Streamline User Research to Produce More Research, Faster

The demand for customer research is greater than ever. UX researchers are finding themselves hard-pressed to keep up with demand and are looking for innovative solutions to conduct user research more efficiently.

Here are a few solutions that you can implement to streamline your user research process to give yourself more time to conduct greater amounts of research.

Have clear processes to know exactly what targets and metrics you are looking for

A golden rule in user research is that what information you are looking for must be straightforward. If the direction of the study is not crystal-clear, then you will also receive less clear answers from the study participants. It’s important to prioritise the information you want to know and what KPIs you want to reach.

To do so, you need to formulate clear business-relevant questions. Then start your task design with these questions.

CX software can be used to guide your study in a clear direction. These tools provide automated question and task design templates that can help you ask laser-focused questions to receive the relevant information from your participants.

Align stakeholders on all steps in the user journey

All relevant stakeholders in the user journey have to be aligned in order to see the gaps in the user journey and how to fix these gaps. Once you know what gaps to focus on, what research should be prioritised during a user interview becomes clear.

Remote user testing tools allow UX testing to be more flexible, agile, and have quicker turnover. Because these tools allow for remote testing rather than in-person testing, they can quickly increase reach, testing all parts of the customer journey, from packaging design to product modeling. Efficient user testing ensures precision and that all stakeholders are aligned on what gaps need to be filled before launch. All relevant stakeholders can get the information they need fast, reducing the risk of failed products. This saves on both time and cost.

Involve stakeholders such as product owners in the research process

To make the research process more efficient and impactful, stakeholders such as product owners must have a stake in the research and be given opportunities to contribute their own knowledge to the process.

CX platforms present data in easy-to-access formats such as video showreels, so that product owners can easily see users interacting with the products, and quickly switch between clips, allowing greater access to the research process. Stakeholders other than UX researchers can now add their own input and be involved in the analysis of the research.

If you want to learn more about how CX software can help you conduct larger amounts of research fast, we would be happy to set up a demo of the UserTribe platform.

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