How we help B2B Companies & Agencies

How we help B2B Companies & Agencies


Are you ensuring quality through an external opinion?

One of the most important key aspects of B2B companies and agencies is to maintain trust. The client must have confidence in the supplyer/agency’s ability to create a solution fit for their needs. They trust that the consulting and service provided is effective.

Some B2B companies and agencies are afraid of being perceived as unreliable, if they are not able to deliver full service consulting entirely on their own. For the same reason, they are anxious to ask for external views to ensure quality in products and consultations.

What is UserTribe able to offer?

UserTribe is the connecting link between you and your clients. We conduct behavioral analyses to create an external interpretation of your business and products. This allow for you to minimize the risk of influencing data with your own interpretations, and create user-centered products that meet your clients’ needs.

Asking for an external view is not a sign of not being able to comply with your clients’ needs. It is a way for you to show your clients how seriously you take their request, because you supervise your own quality standards to ensure the value of your clients’ solutions.

We do not only conduct behavioral analyses, but help you implement them in your business structure as well – giving you concrete advice on how to use your learnings in the best possible way. Consequently, you will offer your clients the best customer experience possible, making them loyal to your brand and product.

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