How we help Educational institutions

How we help Educational institutions


Are your channels attracting the right students?

The right students in this context are the ones that have the passion to finish their studies as scheduled. Having students drop out is both time and money consuming.

As an educational institution, you can do several things to attract the right students. It is all about information and channels. Imagine being a potential student, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the available information on the website adequate?
  • Are your omnichannels leading potential students to your website?
  • Do new potential students feel safe applying online for your courses?

What is UserTribeTM able to offer?

At UserTribeTM we can help you with a lot more than just those three questions. We conduct behavioral analyses to gain information about how potential students experience interacting with you and your “product”. This knowledge can help you optimize both information and flows on your website e.g, ensuring that the right students feel safe and are convinced to apply.

Information on your website is not the only thing having an impact on your conversion rate. Channels leading towards your website are an essential part of optimization. We will uncover possible difficulties on your omnichannels to ensure maximum attention from interested parties.

Now is the time to experience your education through the eyes of your students.

Some of our clients in the educational industry

Dansk IT
IT Universitetet
Aalborg Universitet
VIA University College
TEC – Technical Education Copenhagen
Uldum Højskole
UCN – University College of Northern Denmark
Erhvervs Akademi Aarhus

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What our clients say about us

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