How we help the Electronic Industry

How we help the Electronic Industry


How do your customers experience doing business with your company?

Examining your customers’ experiences with your company, products and services will widen your horizon and help you optimize. A strong relationship with your customers is a great asset for your development processes. Especially within a competitive business such as electronics, where design, technology and service need to work together within a synergic process.

Your customers can, more precisely than anyone, show you what you can do better, because they experience your solutions firsthand. That does not mean that experts and evaluators are superfluous – they are necessary to interpret the data into business contexts. But own interpretations of your business lead to biased conclusions, which is why you need your customers to fulfill the role as a third party.

How UserTribe is able to assist

At UserTribe we are experts in delivering that third party opinion. We conduct behavioral analyses on the basis of your customers, analyze the data, and send you a comprehendible report with learnings already analyzed and synthesized.

When collaborating with UserTribe we agree on your KPI’s, and do most of the heavy lifting in close dialogue with your company. This means that you get quality, speed and cost-efficient CX. When the report is ready, we pitch our findings and help you implement solutions.

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