Customer Involvement Starts Here

Watch our CEO, Casper Henningsen, explain how we put customers in the hearts of companies.

We streamline customer involvement for you - delivering actionable results in a matter of days.

We know that the biggest barriers for customer involvement are time and efficiency. That’s why we have developed a structured approach to integrating customers into your work processes. We make it easy to get answers to your most important business questions, validated by your most important stakeholder: your customer.



We Design

Our consultants design an unbiased qualitative customer study based on your business questions or project stage to ensure an actionable output.

We Recruit

Our recruitment system identifies and recruits any target group in any market around the world.

We Capture

Our proprietary platform records the target group interacting with stimuli in their own surroundings.

We Analyze

Our behavioral specialists analyze the video material on our platform, highlight and tag key events in the recordings and synthesize the findings into actionable insights.

We Deliver

We deliver and present a synthesized report with key findings along with a fully tagged video library for you to access any time.


From your question to business impact

Our full service platform is able to produce a fully customized user insights report in as little as 48 hours. That means no more project delays and no more guesswork.


6 Lessons in Customer Centricity
We Learned from our Customers

We know how valuable customer insights are – and so do our partners. Discover our top six lessons on how to make your organisation more customer centric.

Featuring exclusive insights from UserTribe as well as our partners at Santander, Qvartz, VELUX, ReSound, ISS and Danfoss.

Our Clients Are on the Forefront of Customer Centricity

See which brands we work with to help fuel their customer involvement.