A solution that lets you uncover needs. Expose your customers to a business idea. Their reactions are recorded and analyzed. This gives you a clear sense of direction going forward. Or revisiting.

You have a great idea that you want to explore. Will customers respond to it? Does the idea solve a problem for whom it is intended? Fine tune your idea by putting it in front of those, you want to create for.


Need Assessment

Uncover the needs of tomorrow. Listen to the challenges your customer is facing.

Build Hypotheses

Ask the right questions. Use customer insights to build your hypothesis.

Customer Stories

Discover what stories your customers tell about themselves in relation to your product or service.


Ideation allows you to move fast and efficiently
Explore Habits

Get an idea of how the habits of your target market change over time.
Identify Attitudes

Find out how your customers would react to your new business idea if launched.
Fine-tune Idea

Sharpen your idea by giving it new life in the hands of your future customers.
Clarify Direction

Reduce the risk of running in the wrong direction. Customers will show you the way.

When you have experienced the value of getting unfiltered, honest feedback from your customers, working without it feels like being blindfolded.

Lars PetersenNordic E-business Manager, Santander
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Consumer Mindset

Uncover Real Human Needs

In the ideation phase, it is crucial to uncover core needs. You can do this by presenting a very early idea to your customers. They will give you golden feedback through verbal and behavioral reactions to the stimuli. You can use this data to make the decision on whether to go forward with the idea. Or alter it to better meet real customers needs.


We’re working with UserTribe on our new projects. It makes for surprises, but we get them early in the process where it is important to have them, that is before we start developing anything.

Peter B. SchaufussHead of Digital Media, Royal Danish Theatre
Real people

We let your Customers do the Talking

We contact a group of your target customers to participate in a user test. Your idea is presented as a series of stimuli. The tester reacts and interacts with the stimuli, and everything is video and audio recorded. Our specialist analyze the data, where we look beyond opinions and statements. We dig deeper and assess underlying patterns for you to use in strengthening your idea.

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New business idea?

Validate with customers. We help you get started.