Customer Empowered IDEATION

Ideation lets you uncover needs and build hypotheses. In the ideation phase, it is crucial to uncover core needs.

You can do this by presenting a very early idea to your customers. They will give you golden feedback through verbal and behavioral reactions to the stimuli. You can use this data to make the decision on whether to go forward with the idea. Or alter it to better meet real customers needs.

Benefits of ideating with customers

Validate your idea by giving it a reality check in the hands of your future customers
Identify your target market’s attitude towards your value proposition.
Challenge your most crucial assumptions and reduce the risk of working in a wrong direction.
Explore customer trends and opportunities on an ongoing basis.
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The Challenge

Danfoss was looking to innovate within their core product line to increase their overall market share and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our Approach

Danfoss chose UserTribe to help them gain specific feedback from industry experts in the United States, both from within and outside of their current customer group.

The Result

In addition to confirming some of their original hypotheses, Danfoss was able to extract new insights from the qualitative customer interviews and speed up their overall development processes.

Involve your customers

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