Kalvebod Hub

An inspiring co-office space, where small companies join forces to create a dynamic and powerful office environment

Kalvebod Hub

 At UserTribe, we’re looking for neighbours; with co-working spaces and private offices for smaller companies between 3 to 25 people excited to be part of an entrepreneurial culture.

With the whole first floor of 978m² available, we are ambitious to build a collaborative community where creativity and business can take off.

Office Environment

We value a vibrant and fast-paced environment, built by passionate people that care. We know that performance
is closely tied to physical and mental well-being. That’s why we are always experimenting with healthy food offerings
and body treatments to balance out and energise people.

We are proud of our social atmosphere, with several sports clubs, social events, and not to forget – our signature
Friday Bar. As a Kalvebod Hub member, you are invited to join!


Kalvebod Hub is located in the historical building “Kalvebod Bastion” on Langebrogade 4, built in 1801
for military purposes.

Right next to the new biking bridge “Little Langebro”, the office is surrounded by water and greenery.
The atmosphere is soothing, relaxed yet alive. The big terrace serves as a quiet and unique bubble
in the heart of Copenhagen.

Floor Plan

This is our home. With the second floor fully refurbished for our neighbours to create space for our co-working community.

If you are looking for a tailored office solution, you are most welcome to get in touch. We appreciate any layout ideas and wishes to match your needs!


To be a part of our Kalvebod Hub, we are looking for companies which:

  • Have a desire to be a part of an entrepreneurial environment
  • Care about what they do and their community of people
  • Excited to share their energy and contribute to the whole
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