Customer Empowered LAUNCH

Launch with confidence by pre-launching with customers. Soft launching with customers enables you to perfect your product and setup before full launch.

Make sure that you are ready to go to market with your finished product. Correct the last errors spotted by your customers and rig your organization to be being able to handle questions and requests when launching at full scale.

Benefits of conceptualizing with customers

Ensure a successful launch with a perfect fit between your go-to-market strategy and your customer.
Simulate a launch and improve with a smaller group before taking on your full audience.
Rig your support system to be able to handle customer requests before launching at full scale.
Correct the last errors by letting your target group identify flaws that are obvious to them but invisible to you.

Denmark’s largest pension fund

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The Challenge

Danica Pension wanted to launch a new product within pension. The solution was ready to hit the market, but Danica Pension wanted to soft launch before the full release.

Our Approach

We set up a flow test where customers got their hands on the new platform. Surprisingly, many customers reacted negatively on the name, which confused them a lot.

The Result

Danica Pension went back to the drawing board, presented 6 new names and chose a clear winner after involving customers in a new soft launch. The final launch was successful and resonated much better with the target audience.

Involve your customers

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