A solution that allows you to pre-launch with real customers. Release your new thing to a limited number of people. Use their reactions to create a successful full launch.

Save yourself from launching a failing product or campaign. Get rid of what is so obvious to people – but blind spots to you. Get concrete actions points on how to correct these.


Launch with Confidence

Soft-launch with a smaller audience. Learn from first reactions and launch with confidence.

Channel fit

Ensure channel fit for your campaign or product. Assess how choice of channel affects customer experience.


Launch allows you to move fast and efficiently
Perfect launch

Use customer feedback to create the perfect fit between your launch strategy and your audience.
Early reactions

Get early reactions on your launch before the final launch to a full audience.
Test designs

Involving customers will give you a clear idea on which designs to go with and why.
Correct mistakes

Let your target group identify errors that are obvious to them but hard to spot for you.

We soft-launched our mobile webshop on smartphone and tablet devices and benefited greatly from the final report, which was thorough and constructive.

Mads Collin NielsenUser Experience Specialist, 
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Consumer Mindset

Uncover Real Human Needs

Before you launch your platform or product, it is essential to test it with real customers. We recruit a small part of your target market and soft-launch in a safe environment of honest feedback and real customer behavior. The result is crucial insights on what to improve in what you are launching.


Discussions easily come to a gridlock. That’s why a fresh look at our digital solutions is perfect. Today we make decisions based on real insights, not our own beliefs.

Ture WibrandHead of Online & Design, DIBS
Real people

We let your Customers do the Talking

It is possible to foresee the future. You can at least get a very clear idea about how the market will receive what you are launching. The solution is customer involvement before the big launch – a 48 hour test with real people from your target group, who use your product as it is intended for the entire market. All in order to ensure a successful launch when the big day comes.

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Launching something soon?

Validate with customers. We help you get started.