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Customer insights

Gain actionable insights into any segment or market in the world, no matter how specialized.

Industry analysis

Benchmark one company against the industry at large, or conduct an industry-wide comparison.

Commercial due diligence

Assess a company’s market position and current reputation among its customers and clients.

“In all pitch situations it’s great to have the voice of the customer. But it’s just very time consuming and resource-heavy. With UserTribe it took seven days. It’s a no brainer that you should do it.”

— Jens Friis Hjortegaard, Partner at Qvartz


How Talking to Kenyan Farmers Helped Qvartz Win New Business

In preparing for a new pitch, Qvartz, a leading management consulting firm in Scandinavia, knows that understanding the end customer is key. In this case, that meant interviewing people across five continents. UserTribe conducted over 30 interviews with people in Kenya, Thailand, France, Brazil, and the USA, all in their local languages. Our findings helped Qvartz tailor their pitch and win the project against tier one consultancies.

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UserTribe Stats


Markets and nationalities involved in our studies


Behavioral specialists employed from all over the world


Customer research studies conducted



We design
an unbiased study based on your pitch process or current project.


We recruit
testers from within the desired target demographic, no matter how specific.


We collect
data from each tester via our own proprietary platform.


We analyze
the data, extracting key insights, patterns, and unique perspectives.


We deliver
a final report summarizing our analysis and specific recommendations.

We do all this within a week.

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Michael Mortensen
VP, Business Development

Expert consultancy adviser

Michael Mortensen, formerly of McKinsey, is experienced in collaborating with consultancies all over the world. At UserTribe, he manages all consultancy partnerships and is the lead adviser on how to structure an optimal fit between consultancies and UserTribe.

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