We enable true customer-centric marketing

How do your customers really feel about your marketing?

In a matter of days, we design, perform, and analyze custom research studies to give you a deep understanding of your audience.

UserTribe helps you learn exactly how your audience feels about your campaign, your designs or your brand. This enables you to tailor your marketing efforts to your audience, increasing your marketing’s impact and efficiency.

Get thick data on:

  • How your target audience thinks and feels about your marketing
  • Why they respond as they do to campaigns, concepts and ideas
  • If your concept can be validated, falsified or adjusted

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Companies we have empowered

The power of customer involvement

Get Early Reactions

Find out how your audience perceives and interacts with your preliminary work.

Validate a Choice

Take the guesswork out of developing a campaign by asking your target audience directly. Let behavior-driven insights drive future iterations.

Get New Ideas

Not only will you get answers to your questions, your customers will raise new questions and uncover any blind spots.

What UserTribe Offers

Task design

Our research experts take your business challenges and design an unbiased study that asks the right questions.

Global reach

Our recruitment team finds people within your target market anywhere in the world, no matter how specialized.

Expert analysis

Our team of usability experts – educated sociologists and anthropologists – closely review and analyze each submission for patterns and behavioral insights.

When you have experienced the value of getting unfiltered, honest feedback from your customers, working without it feels like being blindfolded.

Lars PetersenNordic E-business Manager, Banco Santander

How a leading Danish bank

reinvented its brand platform

One of Denmark’s largest banks reinvented their whole identity and created a completely new brand platform from the ground up. Nothing was decided without involving their customers.

To ensure the greatest reach and impact, a series of tests were conducted across four different countries, ultimately incorporating feedback from over 200 people.

Early customer involvement led to a new kind of project life cycle, resulting in the highest internal rankings for customer experience, satisfaction, and profitability.

The bank is now using UserTribe to maintain a close connection to their customers across all of their projects, embracing a fully customer-centric approach to their development.



We design
an unbiased study based on your current project phase or business challenge.


We recruit
testers from within your target demographic, no matter how specific.


We collect
data from each tester via our own proprietary platform.


We analyze
the data, extracting key insights, patterns, and unique perspectives.


We deliver
a final report summarizing our analysis and specific recommendations.

We do all this within a week.

Why one fast food chain

bet millions on

coffee over ice cream

A major international fast food chain wanted to understand how their customers might react to new dessert offerings. They also wanted to see if re-positioning themselves as a cafe with quality coffee drinks could improve their perception in the Danish market.

A study was designed to understand how customers currently felt about the chain, and how different product introductions might change that perception.

The results were surprising. Almost all of the original hypotheses about what their customers wanted were proved wrong.

As a result, the fast food chain avoided an expensive and time-consuming launch of new dessert products. Instead they were able to change their focus and work on introducing a new coffee concept more in-line with what their customers wanted.

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