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With restrictions on physical meetings & travelling, the need to source valuable customer insights remotely is greater than ever. At UserTribe, we’re seeing increased demand from management consulting firms for our video-based remote testing platform to deliver the insights required to keep your projects & clients’ business going.

We bring human understanding to the three core areas of customer experience.

Digital CX

Win at every digital touchpoint
Power the discovery, design and development of best-in-class digital solutions & touchpoints from e-commerce sites, self-service platforms to mobile web/apps with human understanding delivered by UserTribe.

Marketing CX

Understand the market in-depth
Explore customers’ changing needs & demands, understand specific markets or segments in-depth, map customers’ end-to-end purchase journeys or understand how to (re)position your brand to win tomorrow.

Product CX

Innovate & grow your business
Accelerate innovation and create solid foundation for future growth by integrating customers into your innovation, strategy and growth initiatives, from early discovery to idea validation to concept development.

Get customer & market insights fast, hassle-free

The UserTribe platform is built for speed & ease of use, designed to produce actionable customer insights in as little as 48 hours from brief to output. We’ve fine-tuned UserTribe over years of work with top consulting firms to meet even the tightest deadline and deliver a no-hassle experience for you.

Remote, video-based set up for precision insights

Humans express themselves through more than just words. To understand customers in-depth, we use video format to capture then analyse not only customers’ thoughts & feedback but also sensory reactions from sentiment to facial expression in context of an interview. Together with a human specialist supported by our AI toolkit to reveal insights’ patterns, the video-based format now delivers superior quality compared to traditional, in-person qualitative methods.

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere

No matter what market or customer segment, we can deliver the insights you need for your project. With a certified network of over 1000 specialists and an agile, global recruit team, we support management consultants with market research, customer interviews and idea/concept validation across the globe, from Kenyan farmers to shipping brokers in China.

Built and run by consultants, for consultants

The UserTribe platform and products are designed by ex-consultants (McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, etc.) who understand the importance of the right piece of insight in crafting a winning strategy, recommendation or pitch deck. That it’s not necessarily the quantity of data that matters but the right kind of data – actionable & insightful, sourced right, delivered at speed.
Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe

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