How we help Media Companies

How we help Media Companies

Do you know how customers experience doing business with your company?

A high degree of competition in the media industry creates the necessity to know what rivalry media companies are offering in accordance to what you are able to propose.

Involving your customers throughout your development processes allows you to ensure that your intentions are actually understood by your customers. This is essential for creating effective marketing that is relevant and complies with customer needs. Empowered by insights into how customers actually experience doing business with you and your company, UserTribeTM discovers and utilizes the full potential of your business.

Customer involvement will help you optimize onboarding processes by uncovering what your potential customers’ requests are. With our expertise we have already helped several companies within the media industry optimize their onboarding and thus their ROI.

  • We help you attract new customers by uncovering how actual customers experience doing business with you and your competitors – and why they choose to do so. These insights will allow you to be able to challenge your rivals’ advantages, and attract new customers with better propositions.
  • We secure the existing customer base by conducting behavioral analyses of web products and apps to insure, that the finished product will meet the expectations of your customers. Satisfied customers are loyal, and putting their needs first will secure their loyalty to your product.

What UserTribeTM offers you as a media company

What differentiates UserTribeTM from other consulting firms is, that we do a lot more than conduct usability tests. Through behavioral analyses and our experienced specialists, we uncover the potential of your business and assist you in integrating solutions for optimization.

Our specialists integrate and secure your learnings across your organization through executive briefings, workshops and roadshows. When you secure the implementation of your learnings and best practices across your business, you minimize the number of failed projects. By developing the right projects at the initial stage of progress, you allow yourself to save both time and money.

By having an external interpretation of your business, you lower the risk of influencing data with your own interpretations. This will let your company create customer empowered products that meet your customers’ needs, and creates loyalty and advocay for your media.

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