A solution that supplements your analytics with qualitative customer insights. Analytics tell you what. Monitor answers why and how.

5% converted, but why did 95% leave your site? Improve your conversion rates. Optimize your website navigation. Identify the hidden treasures that lie in optimizing with customers.



Ask the right questions. Use customer insights to build your hypothesis.

CEB Benchmark

Uncover the needs of tomorrow. Listen to the challenges your customer is facing.

Brand Health

Get inside your the mind of your customer. Hear what stories they tell about themselves.


Monitor allows you to move fast and efficiently
Optimize conversions

Get inside the mind of your users and find out, why only a few percent end up buying from you.
Supplement analytics

Get qualitative inputs to the quantitative data that you already get from Google analytics and other tools.
Diagnose brand

Get a clear diagnosis on how well your brand is doing among the audience that you are selling to.
Benchmark yourself

Find out how well your company is doing compared to the best in your specific industry.

Close to all the recommendations we got are being implemented into our ecommerce redesign project.

Jesper DrejerAir Greenland
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Consumer Mindset

Uncover Real Human Needs

In the monitor phase, you have already launched your platform or product. Now, it’s time to optimize what has already been built. You can do this by throwing a lot of quantitative tools at your solution. But that will only tell you what is happening. You need actual customers to uncover your blind spots and tell you why they behave as they do. We plan and execute a complete test of your product in 48 hours.


Including customers is essential for creating a good solution. We know that even small changes can have a major impact on conversion and sales.

Mathilde Marie Hegelund IveDigital Project Manager, Bonnier
Real people

We let your Customers do the Talking

Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are actual people behind all the numbers and analytics. Real people with stories of their own – ready to share it with you. Through speech and behavior, they help you uncover hidden potential and identity the friction that is causing people to leave. We help you monitor your solution with real people.

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Optimizing for conversion?

Monitor with customers. We help you get started.