Customer Empowered MONITOR

Monitor supplements your analytics with qualitative customer insights. Analytics tell you what. Monitor tells you why and how.

In the monitor phase, you have already launched your platform or product. Now, it’s time to optimize what has already been built. Uncover your blind spots and understand why they behave as they do.

Benefits of monitoring with customers

Increase your conversion rates by getting crystal clear insights on WHY customers leave.
Get qualitative inputs to the quantitative data that you already get from Google analytics and other tools.
Get inside the mind of your users and find out, why only a few percent end up buying from you.
Find out how well your company is doing compared to the best in your specific industry.

Spain’s largest bank

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The Challenge

Santander wants continuous monitoring of their digital bank vs. their competitors.

Our Approach

We set up quarterly research studies where Santander is able to run different target groups through their digital solution to compare the customer experience with their key competitors in Northern European countries.

The Result

Santander always works with the latest insights on how they compare to their competitors. This makes them able to react to new innovations and to get inspired by best in class standards.

Involve your customers

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