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Our method

Empowering businesses with human insights

Our X-factor: True Human Insights

No XLS-sheet in the world can reveal what really makes a difference to each of your customers. But UserTribe’s video-based research platform can. By recording every nuance of word choice, every subtle intonation, and every shift in facial expression, we allow you to gain a profound understanding of your customers. Skilled anthropologists make sure our video-research platform is based on a neutral, human-centred workflow geared for the single task of unbiased listening. This is how we empower your organization to make each and every decision based on true human insights.

Collect human data

Combining advanced technology with our expertise in human behavior, we help you gather customer data that is meaningful to a modern, product-led organization. Through our video-based research platform, you can easily engage your customers at a global scale to collect information that is relevant to your goals.

Identify Insights

With plenty of quality data from your customers, it’s time to identify the key insights. Our framework is designed to help product-led companies use customer data to uncover crucial insights by guiding them through four key areas:

Empathize: Understand customer needs
Define: Establish your core value propositions
Ideate: Develop and validate product concepts
Prototype: Develop and validate product prototypes

Apply Insights

Having identified important customer insights, you can now incorporate them into your company’s decision making. From facilitating actions to laying a foundation of customer understanding throughout your organization, customer insights can be used to achieve a wide range of positive outcomes. 

Insight(s) as an asset

Rather than using a single insight for a single task, customer insights can be organized and stored to be used for multiple purposes over time. 

Democratize access

Share insights to bring your entire organization closer to your customers – educating and equipping everyone with the tools needed to deliver on customer needs and expectations.

Scale impact/value

Use customer insights to maximize the value of your business by finding solutions for product development, marketing, and other areas faster and with fewer resources.

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