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Grundfos ensures international customer satisfaction

How do you engage in global customer satisfaction?

UserTribe helped Grundfos involve their customers in the USA, UK and Singapore for continuous business improvements of their comprehensive self-service site – Grundfos Product Center. Insights are converted directly into customer satisfaction. “Customer centricity is a central focal point in everything we do. For our digital touchpoints, this means that any and all development activities need to start with the customer.”

Business Objective

The product centre is a universal tool, spanning the entire globe. Different geographies and cultures have different business needs and different approaches to sizing and selection pumps, so Grundfos needed to validate not only an interface but also multiple variants of the same customer journeys.


UserTribe conducted ‘think-aloud tests’ with 15 decision-makers within pumps in large buildings from the USA, UK and Singapore. The participants were asked to complete tasks designed to test vital functionalities and design of the product centre.


Insights are being transformed into backlog items for Grundfos’ scrum-team, expecting to convert the insights directly into customer satisfaction. To create this setup themselves would have been expensive and cumbersome for Grundfos. By hiring UserTribe – a third party – for recruiting and reaching Grundfos’ customers, the pump manufacturer received fast and insightful customer feedback delivered effectively and efficiently.

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