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How ReSound refreshed their relief app with real customers

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As part of GN Hearing, ReSound strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active and fulfilling lives. Active in more than 80 countries, ReSound has a strong focus in research and development, making sure that their solutions are addressing real needs in the market. One solution is their Relief app, which helps those who suffer from tinnitus manage their symptoms.

Business Objective

As one of the leading apps for relieving and managing tinnitus, maintaining and improving the Relief app is a priority for ReSound. Since the app was launched, it has gained popularity in the app store, and ReSound wanted to explore its potential for further growth. While their current user base was solid, ReSound wanted to better understand the app’s perceived value as well as the user experience of first discovering and exploring the app after the initial download.


Working with the Relief team, UserTribe designed a study that would target people with varying degrees of tinnitus in the USA who are not current users of the Relief app. The study focused on different features within the app and asked participants to explore the app while giving feedback on what they found valuable and most useful. Ultimately, we collected video and audio data from over 30 qualified participants.

Within a week, our anthropologists had reviewed all of the raw footage and extracted key insights and patterns. The results we found helped validate many of the Relief product development team’s original hypotheses. They also highlighted some areas of concern for them to focus on and address before re-launching the app.


Overall, the Relief team was glad to have a clearer understanding of the daily lives of people living with tinnitus. Our work was able to integrate smoothly into their development process, empowering their decision-making without delaying their timeline. Now, the Relief product development team is working to implement these insights into their app redesign.
As development continues, the Relief team plans to do further user studies post-launch, bringing UserTribe along to help collect data from hard-to-find user segments.

The Relief app is available for download on iOS and Android.

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