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How YouSee combats churn while strengthening customer satisfaction


With over 1.1 million customers, YouSee is the largest quadplay provider in Denmark. With an exponentially large need to provide the best customer experiences, developmental innovation is of high importance to staying ahead of the game.

To combat churn and increase customer satisfaction in one of the most business-critical events to YouSee, the customer relocation process, YouSee came to UserTribe to get the necessary understanding and insights to design the best customer journey.

At YouSee one of the big churn drivers is the relocation process, which is why we continuously work to deliver the best customer experience to grow retention rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Klaus Søe RylovVice President & Head of Commercial Excellence at YouSee

Business Objective

YouSee came to UserTribe to understand how customers thought during their moving process.

With a demand to uncover customers’ needs as well as frustrations, YouSee wanted to provide an easy, pain-free setup during the relocation process their customers were going through. The target was to understand all their customers’ feelings and opinions, from their needs and frustrations to what they would’ve done differently if they had the chance to do it again.

With the Insights from UserTribe, we were able to better understand and thereby design the customer journey to meet and exceed the expectations to each step from our different customer segments.

Klaus Søe RylovVice President & Head of Commercial Excellence at YouSee


YouSee needed to gain knowledge into the many driving factors of their different customer segments. UserTribe delivered YouSee insights that were able to concretely define the different needs between the segments providing the necessary knowledge to design for the different customer journeys in the moving process.


Understanding what is challenging and overwhelming within their customers’ journey of moving house allowed YouSee to steer away from the problems they face and make an otherwise troublesome journey as hassle-free as possible, thereby preventing churn and increasing customer satisfaction.

Facts about youSee

  • YouSee was founded in 1995 and is part of the TDC group
  • The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the largest telecommunications company in Denmark
  • YouSee now operates 43 stores in Denmark
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