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How Zwipe pioneers next generation contactless payment with deep customer centricity


The global pandemic has brought monumental changes in how we see hygiene and safety in our daily lives, including how we shop and pay.

Zwipe wanted to simplify consumers’ lives, one step at a time. Through its unique biometric payment platform, Zwipe enables touch-less and PIN-less checkout in shops, enabling better in-store hygiene and a safer payment experience. Zwipe’s innovation combines the convenience of contactless payments with the strong authentication from on-card biometric identification.

Teaming up with UserTribe, Zwipe was able to validate its innovation on biometric payment cards based on deep end-user insights from around the world. Zwipe gained a clearer understanding of how consumers’ payment needs have changed since the pandemic, their impressions on biometric payment and the ways in which biometric payment cards can bring convenience and safety to consumers. The study revealed how contact-free payment cards can lead the advances in digital payment and financial inclusion.

Watching and listening to random consumers’ first impressions, concerns and interests in biometric payment cards was an amazing experience.

Anders BigsethVP Communications and Marketing, Zwipe

The Challenge

As a pioneer in biometric payment technology, Zwipe has always kept a close watch on consumers’ changing payment needs. When the pandemic struck last year, a number of “new normals” were created in how we live, work, move about, shop and pay. Zwipe was curious to stay on top of consumers’ latest needs, preferences and worries. Specifically, they wanted to know how consumers view biometric payment cards with “on-card” authentication using fingerprints, the benefits and barriers in using such an innovation. Zwipe also wanted to “see and hear” end users’ stories and feedback with the highest levels of transparency.

A deeper understanding of consumer needs would also allow Zwipe to help banks, retailers, investors, partners and card manufacturers measure the strength of the demand and bring clarity in their business cases. Equally importantly, these insights would allow Zwipe to build their biometric payment platform with consumer needs and experiences in mind.


UserTribe conducted a series of in-depth consumer-based live feedback capture from consumers on biometric payment cards. Each consumer spent 25-35 minutes and shared their first impressions, feedback, interests, and concerns on biometric payment cards. In these in-depth investigations, consumers were also presented with two videos explaining biometric payment cards and how they are used. The consumer segments were payment cardholders with a 50:50 gender split in three markets – the UK, USA and Sweden.

These studies delivered rich insights into consumers’ drivers and concerns in using these payment cards, their willingness to pay and a clearer understanding of the specific value propositions that the users valued the most and why. All consumer feedback was filmed in high quality videos. To make sure that absolutely no feedback was “lost in translation”, consumers in Sweden were welcomed to speak in Swedish.

Unfiltered consumer feedback has brought Zwipe’s customer-centricity to a completely new level. Working with UserTribe was a great experience.

Bishwajit ChoudharyEVP Strategy and Channels, Zwipe


The research from UserTribe provided invaluable consumer insights to Zwipe on biometric payment cards. The findings validated consumers’ belief in the value of biometric payment cards during a global pandemic. Consumers said they would truly value an innovation that brings safety, security and convenience in their everyday lives as they shop and pay.

Further, Zwipe discovered a revenue stream in that 40 – 60% of consumers said they were willing to pay for these payment cards. The voice of the consumers was clear – combining the convenience of contactless with the security of biometrics is a very useful proposition as it brings trust, inclusion, and user friendliness as well as peace of mind.

Who is Zwipe

Zwipe is pioneering the next generation contactless payments experience, providing biometric payment cards and wearables technology that enable consumers to authorize transactions with their fingerprints without compromising their privacy. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within digital security and financial services, Zwipe is “Making Convenience Safe & Secure” for banks, merchants and consumers. Zwipe’s solutions address the hygiene and data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence, Zwipe is leading the next great shift in payments, from contactless to contact free. To learn more, visit


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Convenience & Safety

The cards are designed to make your payments seamless and secure using advanced biometrical technologies.

Simple enrolment

Easy and cost-efficient onboarding that takes less than two minutes.

Wearable payment devices

Safety should not come at the expense of design. Pay with your watch or a fashionable wristband.

Fast-growing customer network with global coverage

Partnerships and collaborations with the world's most prominent card manufacturers.

Bishwajit Choudhary
EVP Strategy and Channels at Zwipe

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