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Maersk reinventing the shipping industry through digitalisation

How do you create the ultimate customer experience for traders?

Maersk’s digitalisation efforts were vital to the company’s long term survival as the new technologies offer significant cost-saving opportunities that can be capitalised by competition. Within every port in every country, cargo goes through many different rules, regulations and laws that complicate a trader’s life.

Business Objective

To ease the strain, Maersk was working on a shipment app that would provide simple and easy-to-use solutions to its clients. With an index of three different, early-stage prototypes needing feedback from relevant users on the content and navigational design, the company came to UserTribe to drive their customer involvement further. Maersk needed to understand which prototype of the app performed best from the content, structure and overall UX perspective.


Digital innovation remains key to offer customers a seamless, end-to-end experience. UserTribe enabled Maersk’s clients to become the driver of their business outcomes. By helping assess their prototypes, customer involvement allowed Maersk to pinpoint where it should take their next step in the digital development.


Our research methodologies delivered on the vision of digital transformation and technological rationalisation where the development process of a self-service platform reduces trade barriers so all logistics and supply chain needs can be taken care of in one sole area.

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