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Making the car insurance experience lovable again!


Entering new markets always comes with big investments and big risks. For Beema, a scale up challenger in the tech insurance industry, the right choice of market and GTM strategy were even more crucial to deliver the expected growth rates. Therefore, Beema teamed up with UserTribe to ensure the necessary customer understanding to validate the core product market fit and hence the strongest possible to go to market concept.

With UserTribe we are able to gain a really deep understanding of our customers pains and uncover the fundamental behavior needs - allowing us to a much stronger assessment of the core product market fit

Balazs HorvathChief of Staff at Beema Insurance

The Challenge

Beema, moving from a start up to a scale up, needed to determine which new markets to enter and how to enter them in order to deliver the strongest possible growth. This entailed determining which markets had the best core product market fit, economic potential and the opportunity to create a strongly differentiated GTM concept.

In essence the challenge was simple – let’s get the necessary deep customer understanding in different markets to make the right choice of the next market(s) to enter and how to do it best.


Due to the differentiated nature of Beema’s core product offering: pay-per-kilometre car insurances, UserTribe recommended to do two test iterations.

The first iteration to determine product market fit by understanding the needs and attitudes towards the core building blocks of the Beema product concept such as usage based pricing, and the digital first customer journey.

The second iteration to uncover the attractiveness of different go to market concepts including product feature ideas, customer journey issues and channel opportunities. Everything to identify the most growth efficient GTM strategy.

UserTribe allows me to bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom making the product experience extremely tangible to all

Balazs HorvathChief of Staff at Beema Insurance


With the experience data and human insights from the UserTribe UX & CX platform, Beema was able to evaluate the product market fit and go to market concepts in a very tangible manner – watching how potential customers in real life responded to the product, the messaging and features. The structure and depth of the insights enabled management to take an informed and fact based decision on which market(s) to pursue and the right GTM concept to develop further.

Who is Beema

Beema is an insurance technology scale up founded in the UAE with the ambition to make the insurance experience lovable by combining frictionless customer experience with competitive pricing and cashback.




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Balazs Horvath
Chief of Staff at Beema Insurance

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