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Tønder Municipality reduces development costs & time

Improving citizen self-service through involving customers from the get-go

Tønder municipality involved citizens while developing a new website with an improved citizen self-service. Customer involvement helped reduce development costs and increase quality and usability – “It’s a good idea to involve customers as early as possible. You’re offered golden opportunities already before launching a project. Customer involvement is useful in so many contexts.”

Business Objective

After making drafts for design and information structure, the municipality wanted to confirm or dismiss their initial considerations in order to ensure an optimal development process with little or no wasted development resources.


Through two design tests, UserTribe explored whether the new self-service was easy to use, the information structure was intuitive and the communication was spot on in regards to citizens. A total of 10 citizens went through a defined set of tasks on mobile and desktop while thinking out loud. The process was filmed.


With the results from UserTribe’s report, Tønder Municipality was able to make early adjustments of the design and structure drafts. The concrete feedback and adjustments resulted in a smooth development process, where time and money was saved, and resources were allocated to the important parts of the development. Also, early customer involvement resulted in a better self-service that was easy to use for citizens.

If I was to give one piece of advice to others in the public sector, it is this: Customer involvement is a continuous process, don’t just shut down everything after the first feedback. The knowledge is valuable in a lot of contexts afterwards.

Trine VinderslevProject coordinator at Tønder Municipality
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