Transition from face2face to remote testing

Remote video-based testing has quickly become the new norm and it's undoubtedly making us rethink how we can engage with & get human insights from customers. A week in and you’re probably developing a way to build customer understanding in a digital environment.
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Transition from face2face to remote testing

Join Anna Steensig & Jan Kral (Head of Insights and Head of Strategy, UserTribe) for a best practice session on how to successfully transition from face2face to remote video-based testing.

Hosted by:

Anna Steensig

Head of Insights

Jan Kral

Head of Strategy

In this webinar, you’ll get an inside look at how you can shift from in-person testing to remote video-based testing touching upon how UserTribe helps companies succeed in customer involvement across the entire project lifecycle.

During the session, you'll learn:

- What is video-based remote testing & it’s benefits
- The opportunities video-based remote testing gives your business
- How to get going with remote video-based testing

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