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Hit the jackpot every time you develop a new product or feature. UserTribe brings your customer into the product development lifecycle to enrich your decisions with real human understanding and insights. Prioritise time and resources on the features and benefits that create the most value to your customers.
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Develop product strategies that win the hearts and minds of your customers

Enrich the Product Experience with human understanding across all product and business development applications.

Customer centricity can reap great benefits but also take up a great deal of time and resources. At UserTribe we are experts at it and have made it our mission to make it as easy as possible for companies to include customers in their product development. Our software takes care of methodology, recruitment, testing, analysing and reporting – all you need to do is tell us what you want to understand and we'll deliver.

Market Exploration

Explore new markets or segments through the eyes of your potential customers. What are the core needs, buying criteria and market trends? Identify high growth opportunities and test value propositions.

Product Development

Put your product in the hands of your customers all the way from hypotheses to prototypes. Accelerate development, cut costs, reduce risk and ensure product success.

Unboxing Experience

Ensure your unboxing experience in everything from look&feel, unwrapping, product manuals and integrations over-deliver on customers expectations, brand perception and usability before you start production.

Name Testing

Naming a product right can be a decisive factor between success and failure. With a name test, you will understand your customers emotional reactions, associations, appeal and brand fit of the names you consider in the markets you consider.

Product Benchmark

Compare and benchmark your product against competitor products and solutions. By experiencing customers engage with your own and competitors products you learn where your product fails and how it can win.

How we make you win

Innovate by understanding the human behind the customer. Our video-based hybrid technology enables you to go one step deeper into the minds of your customers and retrieve the pieces of understanding that constantly puts you one step ahead of your competitors.
Connecting product development with real customers in a structured way from ideation to launch ensures that you quickly kill the bad ideas and focus attention and resources on the value-adding features. This will allow you to accelerate your product development and time to market while lowering development costs.
Product and solutions are rarely consumed with only one of our senses. On the contrary, customers ev0aluate and use your products using all senses. UserTribe's methodology and software utilise rich video-format to analyse all sensory reactions from sentiment to facial expression to provide you with 360° customer understanding of your product.

Bring the customer into the Design Thinking Methodology

The key to successful innovation is customer involvement. Whether you use design thinking or not, you need to have a structured way of involving your customers from ideation to monitor.

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